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I’m JP

Data Artist, design thinker, speaker & human-loving extravert

My Bio

From the age of twenty I knew that marketing was my passion. Since then, for over a decade, I have been professionally active working with businesses and startup to develop my skills.

I specialize in designing and developing user interfaces and dashboards. I don’t restrict myself to design. The blend of design, user experience, marketing, training and coaching is where I feel I excel. A proper executed product design should translate into economic value for your business.

Through Design thinking workshop with the target audiences your business is serving, I can help to identify the needs of your users, then resync that with the value proposition. By developing branded aesthetics dashboards your end-user will then enjoy the best possible user experience.

During my career, I have taught myself to code in common business intelligence tools. This allows me to put my dashboard vision in place almost exactly as I've visualized. Generally, I know the possibilities and restrictions of BI tools and I know how to co-operate with teams to make sure that we can make it happen. 

I’m currently working at Business&Decision as Data Artist and European Offer Lead for Dashboard Design for Europe. I also contribute to a variety of local community initiatives.




“Une super approche qui n’a pas uniquement permis un rendu efficace et esthétique, mais également de se poser et répondre aux bonnes questions. Le résultat a fait l’unanimité à chacun des workshops! Encore merci pour ta belle énergie et le résultat!”

Magali, Luxury goods, Switzerland

Jean-Philippe is an absolute delight to work with in his attitude, his excitement, his kindness.  All of these things are contagious when you are on a workshop with him.  We have profited from his expertise in quality dashboard creation from inception, wireframe and mock-up and all the way to prototype.  It is why we come back to him time and time again.  Many thanks JP!!

Sean, Information technology, charlotte, USA

JP’s dedication, enthusiasm and insight are inspiring. His skills of transforming data to meaningful insights to help make the right decision is commendable!!!

Deepa, Information technology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My Skillset

Facilitator, Wireframing, Public speaking

JP Business-5.jpg



As a facilitator I have the ability to help people come together and work towards getting the best possible results. I am  able to do this by fostering an environment where both creativity and freedoms of thought and expression thrive within a structured framework, the Dashboard Model Canvas.



Taking into account the user needs as well as user journey in order to define the hierarchy of information and plan the layout according to which the users will process information. All of this is necessary for ensuring the best experience of users when interacting with your dashboard.

Designer Notebook

Public speaking


Well-honed public speaking skills, developed over the course of a twenty-year career as a sales, trainer, marketing manager, and seminar speaker.

Au-delà de la simple visualisation, l’intervention de JP a chamboulé notre approche du suivi de la performance notamment grâce au fameux canevas.
En nous recentrant sur l’audience et ses attentes, nous avons pu aboutir à des dashboards percutants qui « racontent une histoire ».

Guillaume, Luxury goods, Geneva

« Excellents décryptage et traduction de nos besoins clients qui ont amené à un jeu de “visual design”, centrés sur l’essentiel et efficaces. Merci à Jean-Philippe pour son accompagnement précieux. »

Blandine, Manufacturing, France

« Aux antipodes des habitudes de conception du reporting d’entreprise, JP nous a offert un 360 sur notre besoin afin d’aller à l’essentiel : un dashboard efficace et qui a du sens pour notre entreprise. »

Vincent, Luxury goods, Geneva


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein



+41 79 339 30 63

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