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Data Artist, design thinker, speaker, coach & human-loving extravert

Over the last decade, I’ve collaborated with a diverse group of business users and Data analytics team including top worldwide companies to create human-centered dashboards.

I approach design and leadership with a focus on people, establishing empathy for both the people who make and the people who use the dashboards I help bring to “life”. My design practice combines design thinking, user research and experience strategy, all with a relentless focus on the user.

Over the past two years, I gave more than 50 Design thinking workshops and I’ve created more than 200 wireframes & mockups.

I’m currently working at Business&Decision as Data Artist and European Offer Lead for Dashboard Design for Europe. I also contribute to a variety of local community initiatives.

Designer Notebook
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Welcome to my Resume. Please take a moment to browse my work, skills, and professional experience. It’s my firm belief that a good challenge offers an opportunity to develop and improve, which is why I make a point of seeking out new ones in the professional realm as well as in my personal life. Contact me directly to learn more.

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