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"Train to Train: The Surprising Benefits of Teaching"

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at your computer screen, wondering if you're even qualified to be doing your job? Don't worry, we've all been there. But fear not my friends, because there's a secret to feeling more confident and capable at work. And that secret is...drumroll please...delivering training!

That's right, by teaching others what you know, you'll not only boost your own confidence, but you'll also become known as the expert. And who doesn't want to be known as the expert? So, put down that self-help book and start preparing your next workshop. You'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel about yourself (and your job performance).

As a Data Artist, I have had the pleasure of working with multiple clients on various design projects, and especially dashboard design. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with others through training sessions with the Dashboard Design Workshop.

This weekend, I had the privilege of delivering a training session to a group of students from CREA, and it reminded me of the many benefits that come with delivering a training.

What are the key benefits of delivering a training ?

1.Sharpen Your Skills

When you prepare for a training session, you have to delve deep into the subject matter and ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of it. This process can help you refine your own skills and knowledge, making you a better designer and developer. For this training, i had the pleasure to use again Tableau, such a great Business intelligence tool, it tooks me some time but it was a good exercice and when you need to explain that kind of tool, you better make sure that you know what you are talking about ;)

“Work harder on what you are already good at; and lesser on what you are not good at. That is what sharpening your skills is all about.”


2. Enhance Your Communication Skills

As a Data Artist or consultant, communicating your ideas and designs effectively is crucial. When delivering a training, you have to present complex information in a way that is easily understood by your audience. This exercise can help you hone your communication skills and become a more effective communicator. In terms of communication, you have different aspects to review because it is not only the way you explain things but it’s also how do you dress, what is the tone of your voice, where do you move around in the class to bring the right energy at the right place, etc…


3. Expand Your Network

Training sessions are a great opportunity to meet new people, especially those who are interested in learning more about your area of expertise. These connections can lead to new opportunities, such as job offers, speaking engagements, or consulting projects.


4. Build Your Reputation

Delivering a successful training session can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. It can help you build a reputation as a thought leader and go-to person for insights and advice on a particular topic. Of course, it really depend on your area of expertise but i think that delivering traning session can help you somehow to build your reputation as an expert. I am always happy when one of the student is asking questions or coming back to me after the training to seek for some advices.

You can't buy a good reputation; you must earn it.


5. Learn from Others

When delivering a training, you will inevitably receive questions and feedback from your audience. This can be a valuable learning experience, as it can help you identify areas where you may need to improve or provide clarity. i think that this is most interesting part, i have been able to deliver something like 37 Dashboard Design Workshops and i can tell that any new workshop bring some new questions, new challenge and this is just great to learn from it and to move forward.


6. Give Back

Delivering a training is a great way to give back to the design community. By sharing your knowledge and experience, you can help others advance their careers and achieve their goals. This is of course valid for a training, but it is also valid for a webinar, for a conference. Give back is the last point but also for me one of the most important one. During my experience i have met dozens of great people who spent time with me and shared some valuable points.

Give back is essential for life.



In conclusion, delivering a training can be a highly rewarding experience for both you and your audience. It can help you sharpen your skills, enhance your communication abilities, expand your network, build your reputation, learn from others, and give back to the design community. I encourage all of you to consider delivering a training at some point in their careers, as it can be an excellent way to grow and develop professionally. I have learnt so many things during those trainings, try it and you will see all those benefits. Of course, i am just mentioning all the “positive” sides of delivering a training, they are also some challenges, but let’s focus on the “positive side” of the training for today.

Enjoy your week.


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